Supercharge Your Shopify Store with ShopGPT


ByShopGPT Team

July 2023

Getting Started

AI Customer Support to Empower Customers

Once approved, we will start automatically providing AI customer support to your customers. After they place orders with a valid phone number, our bot reaches out to offer support with order tracking, returns, and even placing follow-up orders! This helps you save time and money on customer support, and also helps you provide a better customer experience.

Showcasing Products to all ShopGPT Customers

After you become a ShopGPT seller, we will start showing your products in search results that appear to customers using our web app, SMS bot, and Facebook Messenger chatbot. We will also start showing your products to customers who have opted in to receive product recommendations from us.

If you would prefer to disable public visibility for your products (for example, if you only want to utilize our AI customer support features), you can do this from the Settings tab of our app in Shopify.

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