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ShopGPT is the AI-powered shopping assistant that helps you research products and make purchases directly from your text messages!


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How it Works

It's even easier than texting a friend -- just send us a message and we'll help you start shopping.

1. Send us a message

You can message us from our website, SMS, or Facebook Messenger! We'll reply in a few seconds and help you find and research products you'll love from top brands.

2. Pick your products

You can ask us questions like "What's the best brand of phone cases?" and we'll help you pick products! You can add them to your cart, and then ask us to check out when you're ready!

3. Checkout

We'll send you a link to complete your purchase! We only refer you to our trusted partners, and you can support small businesses by shopping with us.

Shopping made easy

It's like having your own personal assistant! We can help you find the perfect gift for any occasion, order groceries, and purchase anything you want -- all from your text messages.

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Blog and Press

You can find useful articles about ShopGPT and press announcements here.

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July 2023

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This guide details how you can drive new customers to your Shopify site by integrating with ShopGPT, and also how we re-engage your existing customers and supercharge customer service.


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July 2023

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How to Become a ShopGPT Seller

Learn how to become a ShopGPT seller and capture new customers through our sales channel.


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June 2023

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