ShopGPT for Sellers

Are you a store owner or retailer? We want to hear from you! ShopGPT drives new customer acquisition by referring users to partnered sellers, and can even help answer customer service questions with AI and generate follow-up orders.

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Drive Customer Acquisition

Once your store is onboarded, our AI chatbot will start showing your products in search results and recommending them to our users. By default, anyone who texts us can see and search for your products right from their text messages!

Click here to watch our store demo video to learn more!

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Engage your existing customers

After customers place orders with your store, ShopGPT can automatically text them to answer any questions they may have about their order. They can also shop your other products directly from their text messages!

Automate your customer service

ShopGPT is powered by a customized version of GPT-4, one of the world's most advanced AI models! It can automatically answer many common questions your customers may have, and we can even fine-tune it to your store's specific needs.

Free to use until you get results

ShopGPT charges a $1 fee per referred order, and only bills for confirmed orders. There are no monthly fees, and no upfront costs!

Ready to supercharge your sales with our AI concierge?

Install our Shopify app or contact us to get started!

Apply to be a Seller

We're looking for sellers to join our platform. If you're interested in growing your brand and pride yourself on providing customers with excellent products, we'd love to hear from you.

We never sell or share your information, and will only contact you about your ShopGPT seller application.